Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Post 10

Every person has their own unique set of values that they use to guide themselves through their lives. One value that I have placed in my life is being undefended. Being the youngest of 4, I had to fend for myself often. Even today, when I have a problem, I never ask for help. I like being able to do things on my own without other people's help. While this may in part be my personality, it was also brought about by american culture. As the article titled "The Values Americans Live By" says, our culture has specific set of norms and expectations of how we are supposed to interact with each other. Some of these expectations include being independent, punctual, and hardworking. One example in my life is being punctual. When going from one class to another, there are bells throughout my school that sound at the end of one class and then again at the start of the next precisely 5 minutes after. So, if I were to walk in a few seconds late to a class, my teacher would mark me tardy because I walked in 'late'. As Americans, we value time very strongly. Another value that Americans live by is work/action. Americans believe that people should be doing something with every second of their lives, and if someone is lounging around, they are viewed as 'lazy' or 'wasting their time'.

In an excerpt of the book "Thrive" that we read in class, the author describes how americans can change their actions in order to make themselves happier. One way that said you can become happier is a 'giving account'. This would be where with every paycheck you get, you set aside a certain amount of money to give to a charity, or to use to give back to your community.

While it is okay to possess the typical American values, it is important that you remain happy throughout your lifetime by giving back and doing random acts of kindness.

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